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New Celebrations: The Adventures Of Anthony Villiers

New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers
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New Celebrations: The Adventures Of A...
New Celebrations: The Adventures Of Anthony Villiers

About book: Present styles in drapeaus are shortly passé, and what once appeared nothing short of bizarre becomes commonplace. The article of clothing is as close to being totally without utility as any ever devised. And yet anyone who is anyone will wear a drapeau, comment at length on color, pattern, and dash, and righteously reject the man who lacks one from all polite company.Hold it no compliment to Villiers to say that he dressed well. He did, but I should hope that you have better sense than to admire him for it. If you insist on admiration, at least let it be for his superb sense for the moderate and not for his conformation to the accepted.Proper forks, orders of precedence, ceremonies of confirmation, all pageantry, any of the formal games we play are by any objective standard ludicrous. And since their normal application is to separate those who know and those who are from those who don’t know and those who could never be, they are all the more foolish.And yet there is a point to custom, even given that any set of customs is as foolish as any other set.
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