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Neferets Fluch (2013)

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Neferets Fluch (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Incredibly haunting. As the reader I knew what was coming the whole book; The way her father was looking at her driving her insane. The man she said she could love not really caring for her at the end. It is no wonder she turned out the way she did. But it is no excuse, she could of made another choice than the ending. That's why I like the voice of the HoN mentor b4 the ending introducing her curse. And that choice to enact revenge and kill her father, despite what the mentor said, is what set her path towards evil. This book also explained her relationship with the white bull and the darkness tendrils. Like I said b4, incredibly Terribly haunting. It was a tad bit boring, that I found myself skipping lines of repeated words. Certainly not as excellent as the other books of the novel. I have to truly admit that I found Neferet's or Emily's story, for that matter, at some extent compelling and intriguing yet sad. You see, unfortunately, Emily represents too many girls and young ladies in the real world. I can clearly and openly see the depth of the story and events behind it, and I understand. There must be something done, and they can.. they always can be saved.

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I've always loved this series. Wouldn't doubt if it's a good book because it always is.

A very tragic tale. Definitely explains why Neferet is who she is.

Medium: Audiobook via Nashville Public Library

Very hard to get into


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