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Mythworld: Invisible Moon

Mythworld: Invisible Moon
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Mythworld: Invisible Moon
Mythworld: Invisible Moon

About book: Where is the easiest—the location usually being identical to that where the body is found; in the case of Meredith’s father, that was a small stand of trees halfway between Silvertown and Brendan’s Ferry to where a family friend had helped her hobble shortly after her arrival in New York. In her estimation, How is probably often the next easiest to answer (based on this, her only actual involvement with a murder); once natural causes and accident are ruled out, the body is then examined for unusual or suspect marks or trauma—and since her father’s head was not atop his neck, and had been, in fact, entirely absent from the Where, murder seemed a lot more likely than a stroke. Why is sometimes blindingly obvious, and sometimes bitterly obtuse, though in this case she suspected it was tied rather closely to the Who, seeing as her father lived in Silvertown for most of the last twenty years and seldom ventured more than a day’s travel away; thus, the puzzle lay in assembling and sorting through the available Whos, hopefully distilling the question to Which.Then, Meredith voiced silently, I swear to God, I’m going to rip out and eat the bastard’s heart.O O OSoame’s was the last building on a broad, tree lined street, which would have made it inconspicuous, being just another brownish-gray building in a haven filled with tree lined streets, which it would have been if it wasn’t for the dome.The proprietors were a polite Japanese couple—Junichi and Fujiko Kawaminami, called June and Fuji for brevity’s sake—who came to Silvertown some twenty years ago, both very much the immigrants they seemed to be.
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