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My Perfect Mate

My Perfect Mate
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My Perfect Mate
My Perfect Mate

About book: When Susan explained she wanted a place amarok pups could escape to if they needed, Mathis offered to give them the land as a wedding present. Once the decision had been made, Jean-Paul brought his family out to help support his magic and built them a house in one day.
Her favorite room was the playroom they were in now. Susan stood in four-inch heels and nothing else.
Her wrists bound by the golden bracelets from their bonding ceremony were attached to a chain hung from the ceiling. Goose bumps ran up her arms and down her legs as JP tickled her with a feather. She felt an answering gush of moisture between her legs.
“You are so beautiful. I am going to take you in every possible way now that the ring is where it belongs and life is back to normal.” JP stood before her in tight leather pants that did nothing to conceal his desire for her. His long dark hair lay loose against his shoulders. Just looking at him got her juices working.
“You call this normal? I’m chained to the ceiling,”
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