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Moscow Machination

Moscow Machination
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Moscow Machination
Moscow Machination

About book: French authorities have confirmed that yesterday’s riot at Le Bourget was indeed caused by the unveiling of the GAYDAR. During a live demonstration, the Russian GAYDAR apparently identified every Frenchman in the audience as being gay….”
Jim Borland burst into laughter. Those deranged Russian fucks… “…things got testy when the GAYDAR identified *cough* accused *cough* two French nationals of Algerian descent…”
“…later at a nearby hospital, 99% of the identified, confessed to have at least had a thumb…”
“…the two Algerian-Frenchmen have also confirmed that they don’t swing according to societies’ pre-set beliefs… which brings the GAYDAR’s un-closeting efficiency to a 100%”
The new wave of laughter caused Jim to fall off his chair. He continued to guffaw in a fetal position for the next twenty two minutes.
      “…welcome back to our 24x7x365 broadcast. This is Calamity News and I am your host Blow Jobbs… More reactions from world leaders on the GAYDAR.
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