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MATCHED PEARLS (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

It had been most casual in its early stages. Frank’s room was on the Fairchild side of the house, and he had a good view from his window of the Fairchild grounds. He happened to be out in his own grounds searching for a tennis ball that he had been bouncing back and forth against the side of the house.
It was opportune that he should have discovered it just at the moment that Dillie alighted from the taxi with her suitcase and hat box.
He let her pay the taxi driver and pick up her baggage, as the driver seemed to be in a hurry, before he appeared to notice her. “I can carry them in. They are not heavy.”
He was by her side, however, and had seized the luggage with an easy grace that made her stand back and admire.
“Oh, thank you,” she said, “but I’m quite used to carrying things. That driver wanted to take them in, but I knew he had a woman waiting for him down at the station and I wouldn’t let him.”
“Well, I’m glad I’m here!” said Frank graciously in the tone Mary Esther had always demanded of him, a grown-up tone, very polite.

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