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Machine Made: Tammany Hall And The Creation Of Modern American Politics

Machine Made: Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics
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Machine Made: Tammany Hall And The Cr...
Machine Made: Tammany Hall And The Creation Of Modern American Politics

About book: For William M. Tweed—and for many other young men in New York in the years before the Civil War—the firehouse was a finishing school in the fine art of local politics, for it was there that he learned how to command, how to cultivate alliances, and how to manipulate the system. As the elected leader of his company, Foreman Tweed had a built-in base of supporters as he contemplated bigger and better things. That base only grew larger as he became a neighborhood legend—a magnificent sight with his red shirt and formidable physical presence—swaggering through the streets ahead of his company’s engine, shouting from a speaking trumpet as his men raced to the rescue of their neighbors, and defending his company’s honor and turf when competing companies were foolish enough to race Tweed’s men to a fire. Bill Tweed was a young man in a hurry, and Tammany Hall noticed.
    His career path took an unexpected and potentially damaging turn in the summer of 1850, when he and his men in Engine 6 were accused of attacking another engine company with “boxes, barrels and missiles of various kinds,”
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