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Love On The Air

Love on the Air
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Love On The Air
Love On The Air

About book: Maybe it helped, because this time, as she sat down, he offered her coffee."No, thanks. Coffee makes me bounce off the walls.""Okay. But if you take this shift, you may find yourself wanting to bounce off the walls by six in the morning."A joke, and a reference to possible employment, right off the bat? Must not be the same man.Rick sipped his own coffee from an impressivesized black mug with a huge handle. As he looked across the desk at her, his eyes were quietly assessing, but definitely more approachable than yesterday. Christie shifted her gaze back to the giant coffee cup, determined this time not to be distracted by a simple case of good looks. Focusing on the cup, she noticed two things: Rick Fox was left-handed, and he didn't wear a wedding ring.
"You're here on your lunch break?" he asked.
Christie nodded. "Okay. I'll try to keep it short. I wanted to go over a few things with you again, so if I repeat myself, please bear with me."He sat back, coffee cup in hand. It was a much more relaxed posture than she'd seen yesterday, although it did put him at more of a distance.
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