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Love And History (2013)

Love and History (2013)
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Love And History (2013)
Love And History (2013)

About book: The fact that it went straight through him in a rush of power, honor and responsibility told him it was right. Her trusting fingers unbuttoning his shirt and caressing his skin proved to him it was real.
“You’re sure?” he asked.
He expected an eye roll, but instead, she stepped back and proceeded to undress slowly. Her nylons were thigh high and black. Her bra was black lace with silver trim and her panties matched but barely covered anything. When she set her hair free and moved closer, he almost grabbed her that second.
She kissed his lips softly and trailed down his neck and stomach until she knelt before him and nuzzled his cock through his pants. He stepped back, and she bowed her head and clasped her hands together at the small of her back. “I’m sure, Master.”
The word hit him hard again. “I should make you crawl in there.”
The smart sub didn’t move a muscle.
He closed in, towering over her. “Finish undressing me.”
Her hands flew to his belt, opening it and his fly eagerly.
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