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Love After Marriage

Love after Marriage
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Bhagya Chandra
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Love After Marriage
Love After Marriage

About book: The doctor was caught up with emergency cases and never came around to visit Roshni or remove her bandages. The day passed with Deepak by her side, taking care of her. The doctor on rounds visited in the evening and updated them that Dr. Swaminathan was planning on looking at Roshni’s wounds on Tuesday.At the end of the day, Deepak said, “Roshni, I think you should rest now. You’ve been up for a long time.”“Yeah, can you help me, please?”“Yes, certainly, you may have a long day tomorrow with all the tests and the doctor removing your bandages. Better get some rest now.”“Can you ask Aunty to come here tomorrow morning, please?” she requested.“Why? I mean, I’ll be here. What do you need, Roshni? I can help you.”“Deepak, can you ask her to bring a change of clothes for me, please? A gown would do. I am stinking in these hospital clothes, and if possible, I would like to take a shower tomorrow.”“Roshni, you know if Aunty is not able to, I can help you,” Deepak said, looking at her.He was being thoughtful when he said this, but Roshni, of course, could not believe he’d suggested it.
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