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Lost At Running Brook Trail (2012)

Lost at Running Brook Trail (2012)
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Abbott Press
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Lost At Running Brook Trail (2012)
Lost At Running Brook Trail (2012)

About book: The tiring and cramped sitting on a bus with sulking companions who clearly didn’t want to be there had been stifling. The rugged site wasn’t as bad as they’d thought it would be. It actually had some civilized amenities, such as flush toilets, hot water, showers and electricity.
    The morning had broken cool but quickly turned hot. They set out at nine with their backpacks, anticipating the long trek ahead.
    Mrs. Marks, one of the gym teachers who was the leader of the group, gave them a pre-walk talk before they set out. “Please remember to stay together as a group. Do not, I repeat, do not go off on your own.”
    She paused and looked at them for emphasis. She wasn’t necessarily the most athletic person in physical appearance, but she was tough and fit. Her classes were brutal. “Now, some of you don’t think you can do this, but all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other like this.”
    She stepped forward with her right foot and then put her left foot in front of it.
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