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Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (1990)

Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (1990)
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Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (1990)
Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (1990)

About book: This was Jo Beverley's first novel and is a decent start. The mystery plot would have been more interesting if I hadn't read some of the follow-up novels and already knew who the villain was. The denouement was really quick and should have been drawn out more. The romance plot was a bit boring. Jane's constant insecurity wears thin after awhile. Her fears make sense given her upbringing but are tedious to read. I liked her a lot though, despite her insecurities. I liked seeing her blossom and learn to think and act on her own without direction from her mother. The romance develops nicely and is very sweet and quiet though both the heroine and hero are strongly attracted to one another. I had hoped to like Sophie and Randal after reading about them in other books but I found Sophie to be too young and silly for me to really like. Her hey-go-mad schemes are really outlandish at times and her sauciness is rather rude. The introduction of Randal and his adventures is quite shocking. I was disappointed to learn that his reputation was well-earned and everyone's fears regarding Sophie's feelings towards him are justified. He improves a lot in the final scene in which he appears. That happens to be my favorite scene in the novel. If you're looking for something a little different and more than the chaste kisses only sort of traditional Regency, I would recommend this one. I would not recommend following up with The Stolen Bride. It's not necessary.

THANK YOU. I love this book. Not casually, not just really like it, I LOVE this book!!! Lets get to know a character, shall we? Jane. Jane is an heiress from the strictest home, ever. No dancing, no entertaining, reading? Yeah, if it's a sermon. Dress clothes? Totally modest and unrevealing. This poor girl is blessed with a sheltered life. When she becomes betrothed to one of London's top socialites she gets the chance to spread her wings, loosen her braid and put something on that shows her womanhood. Amidst the fun and nerves of growing up and learning how to behave in society she also encounters lust, jealousy, sure heartbreak, rejoicing love and the power that we women have over the men that love us :) Unlike the last book I read, this book ties everything up into a perfect bow. I won't spoil any of the surprises but there is scandal, love, lust, and even rejection! All in a Jane Austen kind of setting. Ahh, propriety, how sweet you are! I am dead serious. Go read this book. Then buy 50 copies and hand them out to your friends. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!
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Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
I recently started reading "The Stolen Bride", then found out it would make more sense if I started with this one first.I downloaded it onto my i-phone and started reading.I really liked the story. I can't say that I fell in love with the book, or the characters, but I really liked them.Lord Wraybourne finds a country girl, who is extremely wealthy and agrees to take her for his bride. Her parents are highly judgemental and self-righteous. It is amazing that Lord Wraybourne comes up to snuff.Jane is the country girl, her parents let her take her first season as a betrothed young woman with Lord Wraybourne's aunt. Her aunt is not a nice lady.There is a mystery going on, and many misunderstood circumstances. Some of it is a bit rough around the edges, just like my review. Overall it is a good clean romance.
Lynne Tull
This is a republished edition of Jo Beverley's first novel. I liked it. It was good for a first novel. I found the first half and the heroine's naivete tedious. However, the story and personalities of the characters picked up in the second half...saving it from 'it was ok'. This book was one of Ms. Beverley's first six books that were republished under the them Lovers and Ladies. In her notes at the end Ms. Beverley explains that this is not in the format of her Malloren or Company of Rogue Series. However, one character appears in all six and helps tie them together. That character is Lord Randal Ashby. I have read 'The Stanforth Secrets and intend to read the other four.
i was surprised that i got myself jo beverly's first book. i just realized it when i got to the last part of the book. ive been reading a lot of historical romance books and may i say that this is a refreshing kind. a story of arranged marriage and how the characters find themselves in love with each other. love the twist and turn of the plot and th love story of lord wraybourne and lady sanddiford. although at the start it was disappointing but as you get to read it along the way it got me excited of the outcome of the story. im looking forward to her other books.
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