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Lincoln County Series 1-3

Lincoln County Series 1-3
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Lincoln County Series 1-3
Lincoln County Series 1-3

About book: Besides, if someone was sick enough to need the preacher it couldn’t be good, and no one could enjoy themselves any longer with that knowledge. She wondered why it was Doc Colvin who sent for Andrew. Where was Dr. Grover?
One thing she could do was pray, so she said a silent prayer for the family, then helped Lacey clean until she was made to stop.
    “You overdid yourself helping with the set up,” Lacey said. “I don’t aim to have you exhausted during clean up, too. Now sit down please and relax. Wait for your man to return and I’ll make us some tea.”
She was definitely of the same mind as Andrew and Cameron gave up trying to enforce her ability to do chores. They were a stubborn lot.
Needing to take her mind off of her absent husband, she set down to play cards with Liam and drank the hot spicy tea Lacey served. The two gambled with dry beans and she believed Liam was allowing her to win.
Often, she asked him the time.
He didn’t even bother to check his pocket watch.
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