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Lenobiin slib (2012)

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Lenobiin Slib (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

The second book in the house of night novella series. This one is lenobia's story leading up to her change, lenobia is a bastard child of a Baron. The book starts when her half sister suddenly dies and lenobia's mother tells her to take the place off Cecile who was going to marry a very rich man (his name escapes me) so lenobia does and the story takes place on her journey aboard the ship and within the book she meets martin who is mentioned in the house of night books and i loved him so much. This book i found more enjoyable then dragons oath i don't know if that's because i like lenobia's character better or the story was bit more interesting but i did enjoy it and i liked reading about her background the main complaint i have about this book is that it was insta-love again and i didn't really like the villain of the story for the villain i did not find him very interesting. I had never truly thought much of Lenobia in the books. However, seeing as I have read all but the most recent books, I must say, this was a good lead up to her and Martin's reconnection. As much as I enjoyed this novella, I must say, I am tired of the Casts making every male villain in these novellas rapists and in two of the three, inertly magical. I suppose the only saving grace is the fact that they only had one of their female characters raped. But honestly, I wish they'd learn to stop repeating the same characters/story lines over and over again.

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A third novella from the House of Night series. This one tells the story of Lenobia, a professor at the house of night who is closest to Zoey the main character. This, like the past novellas tell the story of Lenobia’s life before she was turned into a vampire. The story was gripping and wonderful. It made you believe in love, no matter who you are. It is a cute little side story giving more detail to the House of Night series and the characters that have become prominent characters.

Lenobia is by far one of my favorite characters!!! So to read her back story was a treat!!! The love story between her and her former lover was sweet and somewhat endearing. Now that Travis has entered her life I really hope she moves on with the cute cowboy with the beautiful horse!! Did i mention that the horse mistress being exactly that a horse mistress is another reason I like her so much!!! I love horses!!!

I'm a true House of Night fan. Enjoy each and every single one.

Better than Dragon's Oath


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