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Lacrimosa (2013)

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Lacrimosa (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

This book was pretty good. I'm not too hard of a reader to please, but I'll list some CONS of the book:CONS:-The characters were hard to relate to. The book starts off when the characters meet for a second time. This makes Nesy and Aydan (the main characters) seem underdeveloped. I almost felt like we were thrown into the middle of a story -The plot felt rushed. The story takes place in about a week and of course the author wants a lot action thrown in, but it was hard to connect to the book because of this. I would of liked the book more if we got a look into the past life of the main characters, then everything would of been easier to understand. - That's another thing: understanding. Five HUNDRED years of history has happened and we don't really get a good look at it. I mean there was seers and angels and demons, which are all awesome, but the information was jumbled and I still have soo many questions.Well anyway besides some other small things that bugged me, this book was sorta fun. I mean it's about an angel and demon falling back in love!! Their love story wasn't super cheesy either, I mean at times it was eh, but the majority of the story was sweet. What I probably enjoyed most about it was the themes and lessons. You do watch the characters grow even if it's only in a week, and the ending (I don't want to spoil anything) is well thought out. Overall this book was good but it wasn't great! I'll finish this series, and I'd recommend it to my friends. So If you're just looking for a entertaining read with not too much depth this would be a great book. Happy reading :) This first book of the Requiem series was an AMAZING read. It took off from the start and it puts a different twist on Angels and Demons. Aydan (a Fallen Angel turned UnHoly) and Nesy’s (an Angel) love is so strong, forbidden, and lasting through all of their different lives in time. They always seem to find each other no matter what.The short story at the end of the book Dies Irae helps with explaining Mikayel (an Angel) and Azza’s (a Fallen Angel turned Beast) story. Once they were best friends and now they are sworn enemies.Would I recommend this book? Yes, I definitely would. It is truly AMAZING.

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I love when I find a new series to obsess over! Time to download the next one!

Loved the ending and can't wait to read the next book.

This just mostly made me wanna gag..

looks and sounds awesome...

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