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Khronos (Hanover And Singh Book 3)

Khronos (Hanover and Singh Book 3)
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Chris Paton
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Khronos (Hanover And Singh Book 3)
Khronos (Hanover And Singh Book 3)

About book: His eyes, speckled red and puffy, stared at Luise as she sat, tight-lipped, between two German soldiers. The bustling whisper of passengers entering the dining lounge crept through the Captain’s galley, tickling the air with chatter. Cairn stopped in front of Luise.
“The cranking handle for the machine,” Cairn flexed the fingers of his left hand. “Where is it?”
“In my satchel,” Luise flicked her eyes at Oberleutnant Blom. She clutched her stomach. “Where I told you it was.” Turning back to Cairn, she focused on a spot in the distance, beyond his right ear.
“Then you have a secret compartment, or you have hidden it somewhere. Jacques,” Cairn wheeled around to face his nephew. “Did she stop on the way up to the bridge?”
Jacques cast a quick glance at Luise. The guards pinched the shoulders of her jacket, tightening their grip. “Yes,” Jacques nodded. “She stopped to make some notes.”
“Notes? What do I care about notes?” Cairn turned back to Luise. “You must have hidden the handle when you wrote your notes.”
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