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Keeper Of The Phoenix (2014)

Keeper of the Phoenix (2014)
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Keeper Of The Phoenix (2014)
Keeper Of The Phoenix (2014)

About book: They flew around shrieking at Ash and Taine, swooping in to bite and scratch their clothes, their hair, their skin.
“Take that!” Taine cried as he knocked one of the hideous creatures to the floor. “Hurry, Ash. There’s too many of them!”
Ash desperately felt inside his other pocket. His grasping fingers touched something smooth and cool tucked into the deepest corner. The wishing stone! “Gargoyles dissolve!” He held the stone up at the gargoyles.
White light burst from the wishing stone. As one, the gargoyles let out an ear-piercing shriek. There was an enormous bang then they were gone.
Ash studied the stone in his hand, now small and black, the magic spent. He let it tumble to the floor where it landed with a dull clunk.
“Well done,” Taine panted, wiping blood from his temple where a gargoyle had scratched him. He looked around, frowning. “Where are the phoenixes?”
“Zadoc’s gone,” Ash said. “He must have taken them. Let’s find him.”
They raced out the door and down the marble stairs in time to see Zadoc dragging Gwaam and Suela by their chained legs, into another chamber.
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