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Island Affair (Escape Into Romance)

Island Affair (Escape Into Romance)
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South Coast Publishing
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Island Affair (Escape Into Romance)
Island Affair (Escape Into Romance)

About book: Her heart was pounding and her legs felt weak. As she followed Jonathan towards his room she couldn't believe that they were about to do this. It had been a long time coming. She needed to be careful though, it was imperative that she protect her heart. She couldn't afford to fall in love with him. There was too much at stake.
    She grimaced to herself. Who was she kidding, really? She had feelings for the guy. She couldn't pretend otherwise. What those feelings were she wasn't sure, but making love to him didn't seem to be a good way to get him out of her system. But she wanted this, badly.
    They reached his bedroom door without running into any of the household staff, thank goodness. Maybe they had made themselves scarce as they knew what was going to happen. Maybe Jonathan always brought his women here and the staff knew the score and conveniently disappeared.
    Why was she doing this to herself? Why torture herself with images of Jonathan with other women.
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