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In the Language of Miracles (2015)

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In The Language Of Miracles (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

ARABIC: Lies have no legs.
    They lied to him about the broken window, of course. Samir knew they were lying the moment Ehsan told him how she broke it while mopping. She even demonstrated the alleged accident to him, showing him how she was vigorously working on a spot where some spilled marmalade had stuck to the floor when the top of the mop’s wooden handle struck the glass. Seriously? The one-inch diameter of the handle making an eight-inch-diameter hole? And was Ehsan really as strong as she wished him to believe? Sure, the windows were as old as the house, and he and Nagla had talked about replacing them for years, but still—no glass was so weak as to shatter on the impact of Ehsan’s accidental stroke, enthusiastic though her mopping might have been. And if logic alone was not enough to prove her deception, one look at Nagla convinced him that her mother was lying. He knew that expression very well, the incredulous look his wife threw at her mother whenever she spun one of her stories.

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