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Hot Intent (Hqn)

Hot Intent (Hqn)
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Hot Intent (Hqn)
Hot Intent (Hqn)

About book: Crap. There was some reason she wasn’t supposed to sleep. No, wait. Alex had promised he wouldn’t run out on her and abandon her again. She sagged back to the mattress in relief. Except something was still wrong. But what?
Alex was curled on his side facing her, sleeping quietly. Lord, he was handsome with his hair tousled and his face mashed against a pillow. Even in sleep, though, he radiated pain. She’d give anything to lift it away from him. For his mother to be a lovely woman who had desperately missed her son over the years and adored him in absentia. But Alex seemed to think she was somehow tied in to their current predicament. He was so suspicious of everyone and everything. She thought she’d gotten past that with him, but at the moment, she seemed to be included in his lengthy list of people not to be trusted.
It was dark outside. She checked her cell phone. A little after 4:00 a.m. Restless, she slid out of bed and padded over to the window. She lurked beside the curtains like she’d seen Alex do before and peeked sideways around them without disturbing the hanging drapery.
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