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Hot In The City

Hot in the City
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Hot In The City
Hot In The City

About book: After she passed out, he extricated himself from her arms and went downstairs for a more thorough look through her office and then returned upstairs. She was still asleep in the bed, naked, exhausted and wrapped around the tumbled sheets in such a sexy way that he thought about waking her up again. But he wasn’t done.
    He slid his fingers along the edges of the built-in bookcases, a small flashlight held between his teeth as he noticed books on just about everything. A good deal of fiction, but also science, math, art and, more unexpectedly, sex.
    Several books on the art of lovemaking and the biology of pleasure, he noted with a raised eyebrow.
    Well, from his experience, she’d definitely done her research. She wasn’t terribly experienced, he could tell, but she was eager and imaginative. That was preferable, in his book.
    He studied the arrangement of the books, looking for anything odd or out of place, something that had been turned differently or was misplaced, but found nothing.
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