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He Stole Her Virginity

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He Stole Her Virginity - Plot & Excerpts

Emma seemed in good spirits and her eyes, that before had been red from crying, now shone in a way that Rachel had not seen since their teenage years.
      “As soon as you left the room,” began Rachel, “Kevin started talking about what he did after the argument with his father. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways for at least twenty minutes and even when I did, it was only for a second or two before he was off again on another long story. When he left his parents house that night with his father still shouting at him he didn’t go to Durham to look for me as he said he would, instead he went back to Oxford. The next day he rang his father to see if he was going to stick by what he had said about not supporting him financially at university or was it just something he had said in anger but not meant. He was told in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t getting another penny from him so he had no choice but to leave university as there was no way he could support himself.

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