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Gracefully Insane (2011)

Gracefully Insane (2011)
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Gracefully Insane (2011)
Gracefully Insane (2011)

About book: The Globe allowed me ample time to pursue this project over the past several years. Editor Matt Storin and Managing Editor/Administration Louisa Williams approved my requests for leave. My supervisor, Deputy Managing Editor for Features Mary Jane Wilkinson, was extremely generous in granting me the flexibility I needed to finish this book. Living Section Editor Nick King sent me to Texas to write about the Anne Sexton poetry archive. Their successors, Mark Morrow and Fiona Luis, pretended not to notice when I sometimes seemed otherwise engaged. And I often relied on the excellent staff at the Globe’s library, overseen by Lisa Tuite, for research help.
McLean, led by Dr. Bruce Cohen, cooperated with me in every way that it could. The hospital’s archivist and registrar, Terry Bragg, is an accomplished mental health historian who always made time for my inquiries. Audrey Martin, Terry’s ever-present and helpful assistant, helped me in many ways. The hospital’s librarian, Lyn Dietrich, chased down many an obscure journal article for me.
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