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Good Buy Girls 05 - All Sales Final

Good Buy Girls 05 - All Sales Final
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Good Buy Girls 05 - All Sales Final
Good Buy Girls 05 - All Sales Final

About book: Doc Franklin asked.“Um,” Maggie stalled.“Skeleton?” Dennis lit up like a firecracker. “Ha, I knew it. There’s a murderer in your past, Blue Dixon.”“There is not!” Blue shouted. His face was a mottled red.“This wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for when I sent for you,” Doc Franklin said to Maggie.She bit her lip. “Sorry.”“Not your fault,” he said. “A skeleton?”“Yes, in uniform,” Maggie said. “It seems he has been there for a very long time. Sam is trying to identify him as we speak.”“Just wait ’til I tell the ladies about the skeleton in your closet. Get it?” Dennis chortled. “We’ll see who is getting the home-cooked hot dishes then, won’t we?”“Why you . . . that’s it. I’m going to punch you right in the mouth,” Blue said.Dennis put up his fists, looking like he was ready to go. Doc Franklin stepped in and held up his hands, stopping the two of them from getting anywhere near each other. He frowned at the men on either side of him.“Why do I get the feeling that this is more about casseroles than it is about the Dixon house being haunted or not?”
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