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Giovanni's Gift (1998)

Giovanni's Gift (1998)
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0140262938 (ISBN13: 9780140262933)
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Giovanni's Gift (1998)
Giovanni's Gift (1998)

About book: In this hugely entertaining novel, rich with suspense, and written with the delicate precision and lyrical resonance that have earned broad critical praise for his earlier novels, Bradford Morrow delivers a brilliant, mysteryladen spin on the classic myth of Pandora's box.A series of terrifying nocturnal visits to a solitary mountain ranch. The unexplained, grisly death of the ranch's immigrant caretaker. A young man hoping to heal a broken heart, suddenly confronted with a love stronger than he has ever known. And a cigar box, circa 1940, filled with assorted personal effects and a hidden message. All connected -- but how?Woven into these mysteries, and set in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains' towering beauty, are powerful themes of greed, love, and deception that pit nature against progress, honor against lust, and man against his greatest enemy -- himself.
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