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Frostborn: The Broken Mage

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Frostborn: The Broken Mage - Plot & Excerpts

Her gaze could not penetrate the mists more than a few feet in any direction, and she saw no walls, no pillars, no doors, nothing. So she took slow, tentative steps, her hands outstretched before her. Yet it felt as if she covered some vast, unimaginable distance with every step, as if every stride took her farther into some strange place. And this mist…she had seen this mist before, but where?Calliande took another step into the misty gloom, and the answer struck her.She had seen this mist again and again in her dreams. For that matter, she had seen it in the waking world. It was the mist that choked her thoughts, that cloaked her memories from her waking mind. Stunned, she cast the spell to sense the presence of magic, and she felt mighty magic, ancient and potent, all around her. Suddenly she understood. Dragonfall was not entirely in the mortal world. Parts of it extended into the threshold, into the spirit realm. She had wanted to hide her staff and her memories, and where better to hide them than a place beyond the circles of the world? Something stirred in the mist behind her.Calliande whirled, her mist-damp hair slapping her forehead, and summoned power for a spell.

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