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Read Series: The Sword Of Shannara

by Author Terry Brooks


In the Shadow of the Warlock Lord (2009)

The fate of a world rests on an unlikely hero. . . .Tucked away in peaceful Shady Vale, the young half-elf Shea Ohmsford gives little thought to the outside world. Yet far to the north, the evil Warlock Lord has dispatched shadowy Skull Bearers, creatures twisted by dark sorcery, to hunt him down...

In the Shadow of the Warlock Lord (2009) by Terry Brooks

The Druids' Keep (2003)

This second book in Terry Brook's Sword of Shannara series is really enjoyable. The content of the story is great; however, I feel that the story telling is at times poor. The beginning of the book is really good, but once you get about 3/4ths of the way through the author begins to 'fill pages' ...

The Druids' Keep (2003) by Terry Brooks