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Read Series: The Calhoun Sisters

by Author Debra Mullins


The Lawman's Surrender (2001)

Wedded to His Badge Though he'd been powerfully tempted by Susannah Calhoun a year ago, U.S. Marshal Jedidiah Brown never expected to see the blond beauty again especially not in a jail cell! And with the soft feather mattress, lacy curtains, and silver knicknacks adorning her temporary home, Sus...

The Lawman's Surrender (2001) by Debra Mullins

Donovan's Bed (2015)

A buckboard rolls through town carrying Jack Donovan's extraordinary new bed: beautifully ornate and big enough for an entire family--or one hot-blooded woman And lovely Sarah Calhoun is exactly the woman Donovan has in mind. The persistent newspaper editor just won't leave him alone, and the bes...

Donovan's Bed (2015) by Debra Mullins