Series: The Australians

Author: William Stuart Long

The Gallant (1986)
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Australia -- for some, a promised land where courage forged the future from a savage wilderness. For others, a brutal prison where depravity drove even the best of men to desperate acts in the name of freedom. And for all, a continent so vast that secrets could be hidden, sins forgotten, and fort...
The Explorers (1982)
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They were born of rogues and adventurers, brigands and thieves--brave men and women determined to wrest a life from a land still echoing with the violent cry of revolution, the dark song of untamed desire. — Into this vast, roiling landscape came beautiful Jessica maclaine, whose invincible spiri...
The Gold Seekers (1985)
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THEY CAME SEEKING WEALTH AND VENGEANCE. THEIR DREAMS MIGHT FORGE A NATION - OR DESTROY IT.In the 1850s Australia was a land of fertile promise and bitter truths, a wilderness that could only be tame by proud men and passionate women like the Broomes and Tempests. It was also a land with a secret ...