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Read Series: Soldiers Of Fortune

by Author Diana Palmer


Soldier of Fortune (2006)

I know these books are kinda old, I've just read the first story (I plan to read the other ones lol) but in my opinion, the development of the story felt rush and I couldn't believe even if I wanted to, that the protagonists were in love. I don't know, for me they didn't have a lot of chemestry,...

Soldier of Fortune (2006) by Diana Palmer

Enamored (1994)

Oh God. I can't ever express the intensity of my love for this one woman. *sob* I can't even - I just -Okay okay, trying to calm down.First of all, I'll talk about the Epilogue and how Palmer flashed back to five years ago in the first few chapters. I loved that, I loved feeling what they both (e...

Enamored (1994) by Diana Palmer

Mercenary's Woman (2003)

If you've read any of my comments regarding romance novels on Goodreads then you know I am a big fan of the Long Tall Texan Series by Diana Palmer. Within the Jacobsville, Texas community are current and former Mercenaries that appear in all the books associated with the series. An off-shoot of s...

Mercenary's Woman (2003) by Diana Palmer

The Tender Stranger (1986)

Oh my God. Oh. My. God. :') How I love Diana Palmer!!! God, this lady is...she I'm speechless. Diana Palmer is one hell of an author. I don't care what others say about her, I don't care if her writing is cheesy, I don't care if I'm being shallow about this, but I fuckin' love Diana Pal...

The Tender Stranger (1986) by Diana Palmer