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Read Series: Rough Rangers

by Author S.J.D. Peterson


Tuck & Cover (2000)

In this installment in the Rough Rangers series, the author retells the Battle Buddies story, but flips it so that it is Owen's perspective that is told and in so doing there are some extra scenes and new pieces added to the puzzle not to mention some events might have happened differently than w...

Tuck & Cover (2000) by S.J.D. Peterson

Battle Buddy (2000)

I never thought I was going to stop laughing as the voice of Tuck takes us through his time from being a raw recruit to a trained Army Ranger warrior's perspective. He speaks of his training, but also another recruit who quickly gets under his skin. Tuck can't decide if the guy, Owen is for rea...

Battle Buddy (2000) by S.J.D. Peterson