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Read Series: Roger The Chapman

by Author Kate Sedley


The Saint John's Fern (2002)

This is yet another entertaining medieval tale from Kate Sedley. It's 1477 and Roger the Chapman, still on his 'honeymoon'with his new bride in Bristol, England, finds his restlessness returning. Driven by some instinct that he skills as a sleuth are needed, he sets off through Dartmoor to Plymou...

The Saint John's Fern (2002) by Kate Sedley

The Goldsmith's Daughter (2001)

King Edward IV trembles as he decides the fate of his sibling. And Richard, Duke of Gloucester, plots, trying to find a way to save George from being put to death by their eldest - and powerful - brother, the King. So when the Duke sees his old and loyal servant, monk-turned-travelling salesman R...

The Goldsmith's Daughter (2001) by Kate Sedley

The Eve of Saint Hyacinth (1996)

Roger the Chapman returns to London town in the summer of 1475 for a few badly needed days of rest and entertainment after a busy spring spent peddling wares - and solving two murders - along England's southern coast. But, as is often the case for Kate Sedley's popular monk-turned-peddler and ama...

The Eve of Saint Hyacinth (1996) by Kate Sedley

The Three Kings of Cologne (2007)

The new Roger the Chapman novelWhen the remains of Isabella Linkinhorne, who disappeared twenty years earlier and was known to have had three secret lovers, are discovered on nunnery land, Roger the Chapman is called in. Faced with the task of tracking down three people of whom he knows next to n...

The Three Kings of Cologne (2007) by Kate Sedley

Nine Men Dancing (2003)

. #12 Roger the Chapman mystery in which Roger is heading home to Bristol with a nearly empty pack, stops in a small village of Lower Brockhurst. There, he hears of an ancient mystery of two travelers who were set upon and killed but not robbed more than a hundred years previously, and a more rec...

Nine Men Dancing (2003) by Kate Sedley

The Plymouth Cloak (1994)

Το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς με τον Ρογήρο τον γυρολόγο, με ελάχιστες αναφορές στο πρώτο, οπότε διαβάζεται άνετα και ευχάριστα! Εκπληκτική ιστορική αναπαράσταση, αληθινοί χαρακτήρες και ο Ρογήρος ο ξεχασιάρης, ο σωματώδης, ο άνθρωπος που παράτησε το μοναστικό σχήμα για να τριγυρίζει σε δάση και λ...

The Plymouth Cloak (1994) by Kate Sedley

The Holy Innocents (1996)

The Holy Innocents is book 4 in Roger the chapman series by Kate Sedley. I simply love this series. I'm only sorry that our library doesn't have book one or book three. I searched the kindle library as well and came up empty.The two books I've read work as stand-alone titles, however, you miss ce...

The Holy Innocents (1996) by Kate Sedley

The Wicked Winter (1999)

Despite the wintry weather, Roger the traveling Chapman is once again relishing the freedom of his calling. As he journeys west, he finds himself following in the footsteps of an itinerant preacher, Brother Simeon, whose fiery sermons are the talk of the countryside. Roger, who has met the Domini...

The Wicked Winter (1999) by Kate Sedley

Death and the Chapman (1994)

In fifteenth-century England, a nineteen-year-old itinerant peddler named Roger the Chapman investigates the disappearance of an alderman's son and embarks on an adventure that takes him from country roads to grand mansions. Reprint.

Death and the Chapman (1994) by Kate Sedley

The Lammas Feast (2002)

I remember enjoying an earlier book in the series quite a bit. This one was adequate but had a couple of annoying traits. The story is told by a fifteenth-century chapman named Roger and centers on a series of murders in Bristol. The author makes a very good effort to get historical details right...

The Lammas Feast (2002) by Kate Sedley

The Brothers of Glastonbury (2001)

Roger the traveling chapman should be on his way home to medieval Bristol after a nice summer's peddling. But a request from his duke to escort a bride en route to her betrothed takes him toward Wells, where the groom and his brother have vanished. Roger links the disappearances to the discovery ...

The Brothers of Glastonbury (2001) by Kate Sedley

The Burgundian's Tale (2005)

The new title in the acclaimed Roger the Chapman series Roger is summoned by the Duke of Gloucester to assist in the investigation into the murder of the son of a lady-in-waiting to Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, who is on a triumphant return visit to London. It seems Roger has no choice but to r...

The Burgundian's Tale (2005) by Kate Sedley

The Midsummer Rose (2005)

Mid-summer is approaching and Roger the Chapman is on the road, peddling his wares across rural England. Just a few miles from home, he's crossing the river with a ferryman and realizes he is near an abandoned home that his first wife had told him about--a strange murder had taken place there fif...

The Midsummer Rose (2005) by Kate Sedley

The Prodigal Son (2007)

The latest title in the acclaimed Roger the Chapman series When Roger the Chapman discovers he has a hitherto unknown half-brother, he has mixed feelings about the matter. But when John Wedmore is accused of being the young page who, six years earlier, robbed his mistress and murdered a fellow se...

The Prodigal Son (2007) by Kate Sedley