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Read Series: Peter & Charlie Trilogy

by Author Gordon Merrick


The Lord Won't Mind (1995)

In this first volume of the classic trilogy, Charlie and Peter forge a love that will survive World War II and Charlie's marriage to a conniving heiress. Their story is continued in One for the Gods and Forth Into Light.

The Lord Won't Mind (1995) by Gordon Merrick

Forth into Light: A Novel (1996)

It began with Peter. Then there was Charlie. Along came Martha. Now in the final chapter of the monumental love story about two men who could pass for Greek gods, steps Jeff, an exquisite young man who brings searing passion--and intrigue--to the lush Greek isle on which they all live.

Forth into Light: A Novel (1996) by Gordon Merrick

One for the Gods (1996)

Gordon Merrick is the dirty, fetishg loving, Jackie Collins cousin to the more highbrow works of Armistead Maupin. Which means it is melodramatic, filled with sex and two impossibly good looking leads.I loved it.Honestly though--the works of Merrick live in a strange twilight world of fiction--on...

One for the Gods (1996) by Gordon Merrick