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Read Series: Patrick Grant

by Author Margaret Yorke


Grave Matters (1983)

Sheer chance put Oxford don Patrick Grant on the Acropolis in Greece when the first victim, elderly Miss Amelia Brinton, suffered a fatal fall. Curiosity, however, sent him to the English village of Meldsmead to visit the charming 17th-century cottage Miss Amelia had left to her niece. There the ...

Grave Matters (1983) by Margaret Yorke

Cast for Death (1990)

Sam Irwin, actor, is found dead in the River Thames. It appears to be suicide. But why should he have taken his own life shortly before opening in a new play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon? Dr. Patrick Grant, a friend of Irwin, manages to link the seemingly unconnected oc...

Cast for Death (1990) by Margaret Yorke