Series: Lady Grace Mysteries

Author: Patricia Finney

Betrayal (2004)
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tThe book Betrayal by Grace Cavendish is one book in the Lady Grace Mysteries. The main characters in the book are Grace, Sarah, and Mary. They are all Maid of Honors to the Queen Elizabeth, and stay in the palace with the queen. The story is written as Graces day booke, in 1569, in Greenwich, En...
Feud (2006)
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There is much excitement at Court as the famous painter Levina Teerlinc arrives to paint the Queen's portrait. The Maids of Honor are recruited to help entertain the Queen during the sittings, and to pose for the painter while the Queen is busy. They love being in the studio but have to beware as...
Exile (2006)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
All of Queen Elizabeth I’s court is in a flutter, and her ladies-in-waiting are certainly not the least excited of the lot. The reason for their excitement? Banoo Yasmine, Princess of Sharakand, is due to put in an appearance at court and not only does she travel from exotic lands, but she also b...