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Read Series: Henry Gamadge

by Author Elizabeth Daly


Any Shape or Form (1981)

Just about any of the guests at Johnny Redfield's party seems to have a good reason to have killed the guest of honor, Johnny's Californian aunt who, with her astral name and vague pretensions of mysticism, does not exactly blend in the elegant New York atmosphere that surrounds her. And what's m...

Any Shape or Form (1981) by Elizabeth Daly

Nothing Can Rescue Me (1984)

Strange things were going on at Underhill, the Hutter family's country estate. One of the weekend guests blamed it on malevolent spirits, accidently unleashed by Florence Hutter Mason's fiddling with a Ouija board. Gamadge agreed the ominous messages typed into the manuscript copy of Florrie's ...

Nothing Can Rescue Me (1984) by Elizabeth Daly

Somewhere in the House (1984)

The Clayborn clan has been waiting 25 years to divvy up Grandmama's fortune, locked up by her will and in a small room in the Clayborn mansion. Tomorrow The Room is to be opened, and the Clayborns can't wait to get their fingers on the old lady's reportedly priceless button collection. Harriet Cl...

Somewhere in the House (1984) by Elizabeth Daly

Unexpected Night (1994)

The discovery of young Amberly Cowden's body at the base of a cliff, as well as the strange events apparently related to the impoverished acting troupe at the Cove, disrupt Gamage's restful golf retreat. Reprint.

Unexpected Night (1994) by Elizabeth Daly

Evidence of Things Seen (1983)

Almost like time-travel...I can't actually be there (1940's), but get to experience the accepted conventions of the time while taking a murder mystery ride. The intriguing mystery with a touch of the supernatural, as well as twists, is not to be missed. I enjoyed the cleverness and the dry humor ...

Evidence of Things Seen (1983) by Elizabeth Daly

Murders in Volume 2 (2015)

One star just for the premise - a woman is last seen in an arbor with a book of Byron poetry in her hands. She is never seen again. It is 1840. Hundred years later, in 1940, she re-appears, exactly as she was, having not aged even a single day. Interesting, right? Sadly, the solution that arrives...

Murders in Volume 2 (2015) by Elizabeth Daly

The House Without the Door (1992)

This was my first read of a Henry Gamadge book, so I was learning as I went. I will go back and check out the earlier books in the series as I enjoyed this one.I had no idea of Gamadge's age and was surprised to find he was relative young. I enjoyed his wife and her confidence in who she was--cer...

The House Without the Door (1992) by Elizabeth Daly