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Read Series: Gatherers

by Author Jacquelyn Frank


Stealing Kathryn (2010)

3,5 StarsThis book took me forever to read. Although I end up really enjoying it, I just had a difficult time getting throught the first 50 pages. It was so confusing. Then it went smoothly but I just know that if I was really into it I would have finish it a long time ago, so for this only 3,5 s...

Stealing Kathryn (2010) by Jacquelyn Frank

Hunting Julian (2010)

The worldbuilding is quite interesting and original, even if some things made me wince, like the sentence for women who break the law. But I didn't really care about the characters. Okay, I understand the irritation of the heroine in front of her abduction and the reasons behind it, and the fact ...

Hunting Julian (2010) by Jacquelyn Frank