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Read Series: Felicity Grove

by Author Tom Piccirilli


Sorrow's Crown (1999)

Zebediah Crummler, the caretaker of Felicity Grove's cemetery, is arrested for murder and is imprisoned, and his only true friend, Joe Kenrick, must make sense of Crummler's riddles, ravings, and inconsistent stories to find the true killer of Teddy Harnes.

Sorrow's Crown (1999) by Tom Piccirilli

The Dead Past (1999)

This upstate New York village is as small as it is peaceful. But somehow Jonathan Kendrick's eccentric grandma always manages to find trouble. Crime, scandal, you name it...she's involved. But Anna's outdone herself this time. She's stumbled across a dead her trash can!

The Dead Past (1999) by Tom Piccirilli