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Read Series: Exile Trilogy

by Author Ralph Manheim


North (1996)

By the time cranky French anti-patriot Louis-Ferdinand Celine scratched out North, he had wandered a far distance from the truculent cataclysms of his Journey to the End of the Night. Celine had slipped from acclaimed iconoclast to outsider disgrace. Branded an anti-Semite, reviled as a Nazi symp...

North (1996) by Ralph Manheim

Castle to Castle (1997)

(Dovrei chiedermi, in primo luogo, che cosa ho letto, visto che nell’introduzione Gianni Celati scrive che lo stile céliniano «dà alle forme argotiche [le parlate popolari] un sapore da lingua classica, lontana e straniera rispetto alle norme correnti» e genera un «effetto irriproducibile in trad...

Castle to Castle (1997) by Ralph Manheim

Rigadoon (1997)

Céline completed this final instalment in his trilogy a day before his death . . . so much for that happy retirement . . . this book (and apparently all of his novels) have a fragmented nouveau roman approach: breaking the text into unpunctuated sentences connected via ellipses . . . like this . ...

Rigadoon (1997) by Kurt Vonnegut