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Read Series: Dragon Prince

by Author Melanie Rawn


Dragon Prince (2005)

The story is very political, which is fine and normal in fantasy literature. It was the characters who disappointed me. Rohan's first few chapters introduced him as smart, capable and calculated. He wanted more for his kingdom than constant war, and seemed set to be a great literary hero. Unf...

Dragon Prince (2005) by Melanie Rawn

Sunrunner's Fire (2005)

Review from the PFS Book Club...What I Liked: This book is a well-crafted (plot-wise, at least) ending to the Dragon Princetrilogy, nicely tying up the Rohan versus Roelstra and his family vein that started in the first book. There are revelations a plenty, but in what might be Rawn's greatest mo...

Sunrunner's Fire (2005) by Melanie Rawn

The Star Scroll (2005)

Continuing on in my re-reads this summer is the second book of the Dragon Prince series. It's been about a decade or so since I read through these, so while I remember the large points of the story, there were some smaller points and a few twists that I didn't recall, which made the reread enj...

The Star Scroll (2005) by Melanie Rawn