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Read Series: Brooklyn Dodgers

by Author John R. Tunis


The Kid Comes Back (1990)

"Baseball fans will welcome a new book about a favorite character by a favorite writer of sports stories".--The Horn Book.

The Kid Comes Back (1990) by John R. Tunis

World Series (Odyssey Classics) (2006)

Roy Tucker and his Brooklyn Dodgers teammates summon every ounce of their collective skill to fight for the greatest title in baseball--World Series champs. Includes an introduction by Bruce Brooks.

World Series (Odyssey Classics) (2006) by Bruce Brooks

Keystone Kids (2006)

When I was growing up, I read dozens of sports books. My favorite was O'Reilly of Notre Dame. The best author of these type of stories was John R. Tunis. Somehow I missed him, maybe because he wrote mostly about baseball and I was more interested in football. I recently was re-introduced to t...

Keystone Kids (2006) by Bruce Brooks

The Kid from Tomkinsville (Odyssey Classics) (2006)

One rookie pitcher…one veteran catcher…one epic read!When you read a lot of sports books, you might realize that there are authors and then there are artists who know the depths of raw human emotion and shows it to the reader via the written page. John R. Tunis is both. The story starts out wit...

The Kid from Tomkinsville (Odyssey Classics) (2006) by Bruce Brooks

Rookie of the Year (2006)

The complex web of relationships that make up a major-league baseball team is the heart of this story about a rookie pitcher who becomes a threat to his team's chances for the pennant. Includes an introduction by Bruce Brooks.

Rookie of the Year (2006) by Bruce Brooks

Highpockets (1990)

"This is an exciting tale and one that will be long remembered for analysis of a sportsman who learns through adversity to adjust himself to his team and to his world."--Saturday Review.

Highpockets (1990) by John R. Tunis