Series: Arthur Simpson

Author: Eric Ambler

Topkapi (1978)
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The Light of Day was the basis for Jules Dassin’s classic film, Topkapi.When Arthur Abdel Simpson first spots Harper in the Athens airport, he recognizes him as a tourist unfamiliar with city and in need of a private driver. In other words, the perfect mark for Simpson’s brand of entrepreneurship...
Dirty Story (1967)
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Arthur Abdel Simpson is middle-aged, stateless and desperately in need of a new passport. Neither the Egyptians want him, the land of his mother, nor the British, the land of his father and where he was educated. As Her Britannic Majesty's Vice-Consul in Athens says, "You're a disgusting creature...
The Light of Day (2004)
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tEric Ambler. That’s worth five stars by itself. The Light of Day (1962) is that rarest of enjoyments, a successful comedic thriller. Many writers can do thrillers good, bad, and forgotten, but very few can do a thriller with such an infectious sense of humor. tArthur Abdul Simpson, Ambler’s rog...