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Read Series: A Year Of Weddings 1

by Author Deborah Raney


January Bride, A (2013)

This book was a little slow for me but the story line was so romantic and funny that it carried me through the end of the book.Successful author Madeleine Houser is forced out of the place she is currently staying at because of the war zone...........I mean, constructions that are currently takin...

January Bride, A (2013) by Deborah Raney

December Bride, A (2013)

More like 4.5 than 4 stars. Cute, believable Christian romance where the Christianity isn't shoved in your face. I wouldn't have minded a bit more of that to be honest. Since this was a novella, it was on the short side and as such the development of the character's relationship wasn't as deep an...

December Bride, A (2013) by Denise Hunter