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Fortress Of Fire (Book 4)

Fortress Of Fire (Book 4)
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Fortress Of Fire (Book 4)
Fortress Of Fire (Book 4)

About book: From what he could tell, Ashi fueled the shaping, giving him the strength he needed to pass over Ethea, and across Ter, but he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Tan sensed the strength in the elemental, but he wasn’t attuned to it well enough to use it with any skill or precision. Instead, he asked the wind elemental to carry them.
    With ashi, the farther they went to the east, toward the warmer air, the stronger the elemental seemed to become. Tan needed to use less and less focus to guide them.
    As they crossed into Nara, he steered toward a small rocky area and back down to the ground. They touched down on dusty, brown rock. The air held the shimmer of heat, but not quite the oppressive heat he remembered of Incendin. The outcropping had shadows coalescing and a small pool of water beneath it. Had he been drawn to this?
    Maybe, but it was more than that. He’d seen it before. Asboel had been here.
    Tan looked up at the wind and tipped his head.
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