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Forbidden Forever

Forbidden Forever
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Forbidden Forever
Forbidden Forever

About book: What am I going to do? I have never told anyone other than Michael this story and I am not sure if people will hate me for the person I was, or if they can put themselves in my place and understand where I came from. But how did she find out this secret I have kept for years? My parents don't even know what happened all those years ago. I kept it from them because they would blame themselves.
  MICHAEL! That jackass.
After I continue to give him a free pass, this is what he does to me.
I don't want to face him ever again. When I stabbed him and got away, I thought he would finally leave me alone. I guess now he wants to take away everything I have without him since I am finally happy.
  I won't let it happen. I need to talk to Chance.
  Our bar manager, Ross, closes up for me and I leave early to tell Chance everything.
Arriving at the condo, I sit in my car and think about what I am going to say that could possibly make this not as bad as it actually is. After ten long minutes, I suck it up and go upstairs.
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