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Fires Of Winter (2011)

Fires of Winter (2011)
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Fires Of Winter (2011)
Fires Of Winter (2011)

About book: The dry, bright days were a benefit and permitted us to advance swiftly toward Bristol. I must say also that despite her arrogant manners the empress did not slow us down. She rode as hard and fast as any man, and the only thing she did not complain about was the distance we covered. Perhaps she was afraid Stephen would change his mind. It was no secret that his army was following our track west.
    Aside from that, Empress Matilda was all empress, at least to me. Waleran had appointed me to be in charge of lodging and victualling—I think out of spite, although the reason he gave me seemed logical. He said he would not trust the task to any of Winchester’s men, who might deliberately place us where we might be betrayed to Matilda’s supporters, and on the other hand, Winchester would undoubtedly protest if he appointed any of his own people. There was just enough truth in that, added to the fact that I had no other duties, to keep me from refusing; however, I knew the “honor”
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