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Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1)

Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1)
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Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1)
Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1)

About book: Stacey-Ann stayed with Audrey and Kris- who had moved into Audrey’s apartment temporarily as Seth re-painted her apartment. They spent a week and a half doing nothing but making love and being in each other’s arms. If they hadn’t missed their daughter so much, they would have paid Kris to keep her a little longer.Carson held Stacey-Ann out and watched as she kicked her legs around vigorously, “Is this a sign that she is going to start walking soon?”“Or you could have fed her too much sugar. Why?” turning away from her painting.He held Stacey-Ann close, “I don’t think I’m ready for her to start walking just yet.”She laughed, “Why not?”“Because soon she’ll be dating and I’ll have to arrest and grill every single one of her date's hours before they ring my doorbell. Give them a number of things to ponder on before they think about asking my daughter out on a date again.”“She’s growing up hubby, you can’t stop the aging process.”Carson smiled, “Say that again.”Ellie stood up and went to him, “Hubby,”
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