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Faint Of Heart

Faint of Heart
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Faint Of Heart
Faint Of Heart

About book: Besides that, the envelope contained two small folded pieces of paper.
She opened them and read the first.
J&H Convenience Store. Ten miles south on Frontier Road. Fill up the tank.
The second read: Shopping List: Four twelve-packs of beer.
Potato chips--rippled.
One Alaska map.
One bottle anti-freeze.
One bottle motor oil.
One hot dog that has been sitting in that display rack since before you lost your virginity. Cover it with so much mustard that no processed pig parts are visible. Eat that disgusting thing.
Pay in cash.   Don't miss anything. We're not kidding.
Do not open envelope #2 until this is done. We're not kidding about that, either.
Rebecca frowned. That was it? A shopping list?
She wasn't sure whether to be relieved or completely freaked out. Maybe things had gone bad while Gary, Scott, and Doug were picking up their last minute supplies at the convenience store. Or immediately after that.
His wallet appeared to be mostly untouched. It still contained Gary's driver's license, three twenty dollar-bills, a ten, and six ones.
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