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Even If The Sky Falls (2016)

Even If the Sky Falls (2016)
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Even If The Sky Falls (2016)
Even If The Sky Falls (2016)

About book: IT IS still there—in bed—of course, resting, but what is that? You close your eyes and time continues and you just lay there. How strange is that? The time is gone and you wake as tired as when you first felt it pull you down. And that’s what it is now—a blink—I remember the river, fighting, my body giving all it had and my mind shutting down, a light dimming, my eyes closing and it is gone.
“You see that nice young man? . . . So many injuries today . . .” The voice is like a song. So very different from the siren screech of the hurricane, which is gone. Gloriously gone.
My mind reaches up from the darkness toward the voice.
“You think you’ll get lucky?”
A second voice, deeper.
“Hope so.” Her voice drops. “Need . . . sweet smile to brighten my day.”
Music, no—a laugh. “You are too old!”
“Young at heart, honey.”
The voices fade, but I keep pulling at the space they occupied. Making my way up and out, pushing through the fog to Miles. Miles.
I flex my hand, feeling fabric underneath my fingertips when I should be feeling his skin.
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