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Escape From The Badlands

Escape From the Badlands
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Escape From The Badlands
Escape From The Badlands

About book: Betsy was sitting up now, against Kelly’s wishes. “I’m fine. I didn’t hit my head and I’m not going to the hospital. A hot shower is all I need.” “Betsy,” Chenko said. “Be a good girl now. Do what you’re told.” “I’ve taken worse tumbles than this. I…” He raised his voice a fraction to stop her from arguing. “Listen to me. If you continue and drop dead from a concussion, I’ll have to call off the race. You don’t want me to have to do that, do you? All the money I’ve put into this? All these racers disappointed?” There was an edge in his tone. Something crossed Betsy’s face for a moment, but Kelly could not decipher it. Betsy opened her mouth to answer and then closed it. After a moment she nodded. “Okay. I’ll go for a scan but I’m not going on a stretcher, and I’ll be ready to start tomorrow.” Chenko nodded. “Of course. We’ll find you a new bike and you’ll be tearing up the trails again tomorrow.” He turned to Kelly. “Didn’t think you’d be called upon already, did you?”
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